District 129 covers Plymouth, Roborough, Tavistock all of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

N O T I C E ...B O A R D

Letter from Ditrict 129 Chairman Hilary Genes

To Presidents and those who are not yet handed over,

Dear Ladies,

Happy New Year to you all.

What a lovely morning to welcome a Year of NEW beginnings and hopes for a better and happier year.

Hope you have had a good Christmas, despite last minutes changes.

Thank you for all your lovely Christmas cards and wishes.

My suggestion to mark Inner Wheel Day is to have a "MAKE A PHONE CALL DAY."

I would like you to ask members to make a phone call on Inner Wheel Day to someone who is lonely but Not an Inner Wheel member, on 10th January to mark Inner Wheel day, as part of what Inner Wheel day does.

Just think, if every one of you, made a call that would make 400 calls, that would have made someone happy.
Thank you for your coperation.

I would also like to know, whether you would like us to have a Zoom District meeting in June and invite some of your members.

Please let Vanessa know how many members you would like to invite, and who they are so a link can be sent to them as well.
Thank you ladies.

Enjoy the sunshine.
Have a wonderful day.

Look forward to hearing from you.
Hilary Genes
District Chairman


Letter from Liz Williams - District Editor

Good afternoon ladies

I hope that you and your club members are all keeping well and hopeful for a bit of freedom next week.

All the District Editors had a zoom meeting this morning, 21 of us from the top of Scotland to deepest West Devon, there are certain advantages to this situation!.

Many thanks to those editors who have already sent in their Home Service reports.
Our Chief Editor Dorothy has asked that in the home service reports this year please can you add any 'acts of kindness' from your clubs this year, we all accept that the financial amounts will be down, but many of you have been busier than ever before with practical help given to the community.

She also would like to send out a 'Feel Good' Christmas magazine, so if you have anything that you would like to tell the nation about please let me have it by 7th December as I need to get it to Dorothy by 8th. There will also be a February national magazine so anything for that, including Christmas festivities and IW day activities , will be much appreciated, Please make sure that the date is added to any photos that you send and social distancing observed at all times!!!.
Please send anything for that to me by 27th January.

Because these will both be on-line magazines there is not the same constraint of space, so it would be great if there could be bits from the District in each.

Don't forget to keep sending snippets to Wendy for the District Website, now more than ever we need to blow our own trumpets a bit more loudly!

I hope to see many of you at the District Zoom meeting on 9th December.

In the meantime keep safe and Covid free


District Editor


Letter from President Enid Law 6 November 2020


Dear Friends,

I am writing this as many of you are entering another period of lockdown and what with the shorter days and darker evenings, it is not a pleasant prospect. Now more than ever, I am sure we all appreciate the friendship and support that Inner Wheel brings.

I have just had a most enjoyable and positive meeting with the District Chairmen. What a hard-working and optimistic group of ladies they are! It was a real pleasure to hear how members are adapting to these challenging times.

There was news of several new members who have recently joined, many as a result of witnessing the good work accomplished in the name of Inner Wheel during the first lockdown. At times like this, many people wish to experience a feeling of 'belonging' and that's something we have a proud tradition of providing.

If you are a new member, maybe reading one of these letters for the first time, a very warm welcome to each and every one of you. In the past few weeks, we have also welcomed several new 'members at large' - we are so pleased that you wish to retain a link with the Association despite not being able to be a Club member.

These are difficult times and we can only count our blessings that we live in warmth and comfort and although we can't meet them, we know that there are people out there thinking and caring about us.

Terry Waite CBE (who was to have been one of the speakers at the Belfast Conference) knows a thing or two about living in isolation. He has sent out a very apt message to us all at this time:

"One of the positive things coming out of this is that we're really discovering the importance of community. It is something we have always known but we are realizing again afresh. Maybe good things will come from this."

Wise words!

My wish is that you all stay safe and well.

Yours in Inner Wheel Friendship,

Association President Enid Law 2019-2021

Request from the Inner Wheel Association Historian

IW Christmas in time of Covid.

Please send photos and descriptions of your Clubs' activities for Christmas, IW Day in a time of Covid to me, the Association Historian. I am looking for ideas that make your Club stand out from the crowd - what can you achieve that nobody else has thought of?

I am also still looking for memories of the years from 2000- 2010, perhaps that could be a talking point at a Club Zoom meeting? The more items I am sent the better.

Katharine Dobson
IW Historian



A video on BF Adventure, Penryn acknowledging the Work of Inner Wheel

We welcome new members from the area who are interested
in joining a group of Ladies who have an interest in the ideals of Inner Wheel.
Inner Wheel is one of the largest voluntary women's service organisations in the World.
We work together giving humanitarian aid nationally and internationally.
Inner Wheel Clubs meet usually every month.
The objects of this service organisation are:-
To promote true friendship
Encourage the ideals of personal service
To foster international understanding
Who can join Inner Wheel?
Women with a connection to Inner Wheel Members / former Inner Wheel members
Women with a connection to Rotarians / former Rotarians
Women with similar ideals with the club's consent.
If you are interested in joining a Club near you -

click on "Clubs" and find your nearest Club
and arrange to go along to a meeting



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