District 129 covers Plymouth, Roborough, Tavistock all of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly


The Association of Inner Wheel Clubs is like a wedding cake with tiers – the largest and most important tier is at grass roots level with a Club, near you, in most towns and cities and large villages. The next tier is at District level – there are 29 Districts that make up Great Britain and Ireland (GB&I). The third tier is the GB&I Association; with a Governing Body and Executive Members representing all corners of Great Britain and Ireland. The fourth tier is International Inner Wheel, which represents 98,000 members from all the Inner Wheel Clubs in 103 Countries around the world.

The Annual Conference 2020 will be held at the Waterfront in Belfast on 27th-29th April 2020. As it is so far away members are asked to make their own arrangements for getting to the conference and your Club Secretaries have details of all accommodation available in Belfast that would be suitable and within easy walking distance of the Conference Centre. .. https://www.innerwheel.co.uk/annual-conferences/

Blackpool Conference 2023
Ladies from 129 District


.The Association President this year is

Enid Law
Llangollen District 18

Thank you for visiting the website of the Association of Inner Wheel Clubs of Great Britain & Ireland.
Many of you will be part of our 14,000 membership and will know about all of the work we do but if you are new to this site, welcome!
Our members meet socially at least once a month in clubs throughout Great Britain & Ireland.
They make friends by enjoying each other’s company and working together to support good causes, both at home and abroad.
If you feel you might be interested in learning more, please do not hesitate to contact us, there is a club near you.

Final letter from Enid Law - June 2021





Here is a quote from their Fundraising and Events Manager, Sal Atkinson:-

"We are thrilled to have been chosen as the President's Charity for 2019-2020 and very much look forward to a busy year of working together with members and Inner Wheel Clubs across the country during this partnership. RDA relies entirely on voluntary donations, grants and legacies to provide life changing therapy through horses to disabled adults and children, the support of members will enable us to deliver even more activities, which is fantastic!"

Here is a link to RDA's website: - https://www.rda.org.uk/

If you would like to purchase some RDA Christmas Cards, click onto the following link https://www.rdashop.org.uk/

The Association of Great Britain hold a Conference every year. 2019 was held in Cardiff.

The Vice Chairman Hilary Genes a voting delegate.
This shows Hilary with the recorder, the musical instrument we were asked to wear, and District 129 rosette, which Roborough club kindly made for us.




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