District 129 covers Plymouth, Roborough, Tavistock all of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

Inner Wheel Truro  
Charity evening
In November the Inner Wheel Club of Truro hosted a Beauty and Fashion evening at Carnon Downs Village Hall. The event proved to be a 'sell out' raising funds for the Cornwall Refuge Trust and other Inner Wheel charities. The audience was treated to a highly amusing and informative hair-dressing display from new Truro salon, 'S-J Hair'. A model's hair was cut into a new style (and it proved to be a transformation!), elements of hair care were explained, myths about the many hair products we all purchase were dispelled, and our questions were answered by the stylist and the colour technician. After refreshments, staff from Truro White Stuff took to the stage and gave a riveting talk about their new autumn collection. The audience came away knowing more about 'dressing to suit your shape', dressing confidently and adding style with stunning accessories. The manager explained how the White Stuff company is run on highly ethical lines such as providing education for the children of parents who work in the factories in India, fair trade wages are paid and working conditions are monitored closely, Furthermore, much of the cotton used for their garments is grown and produced organically using less water and chemicals. Everyone was impressed to hear that this high street store is bringing fashion to our city centre of Truro whilst furthering the ethics of fair trade in their factories abroad.
President Anita Bryce thanking staff of White Stuff
Inner Wheel Liskeard and Looe  

"Bring Back a Smile" Our Speaker for the International Rally at Lanivet

In July 2018 Liskeard & Looe Inner Wheel were treated to a truly inspirational talk given by Anna Gurung on 24th July on behalf of her own charity 'Bring Back the Smile to Nepal'. Anna's and her husband Sanu's dedication, motivation and enthusiasm has seen an entire village re-built by local people through the aid of the charity Anna formed. A 7.8MW, severe earthquake on 25th April 2015, devasted the region of Gorkha, an area of Nepal where Anna and Sanu have family. Anna then travelled to the region to offer help and chose the village of Archanbas to receive funding. Nepal's proud traditions meant that communities would only accept funds if the monies could be used to buy the materials needed to help everyone in the community re-build their homes. Anna and Sanu were honoured to receive recognition from the Queen at a Garden Party for all their good charitable work. Our Liskeard & Looe Club continue to donate funds towards 'Bring Back the Smile to Nepal' most especially because our Immediate Past President, Alison Maiklem, is Anna's aunt. Our Club continues to donate funds, most recently from our Summer 2019 BBQ, and also we send out much appreciated tooth brushes and tooth paste, which is rather appropriate to 'Bring Back a Smile'. We'd like to share with you some photographs recently sent by Anna from Nepal of local people accepting their tooth brushes and paste.
for more photos click here.

David Morton being welcomed by President Gina Evans

At our recent lunch time Club meeting our president Gina Evans welcomed David Morton from the CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau), who gave us a salutary talk about the wiles and trickery of the modern technological age - SCAMS. David's informative talk highlighted the ease with which the internet and the sharing of personal data has led to far too many people being tricked out of their life savings. Sadly, it is the under 30's who are becoming the fastest growing age group of people who are falling prey to these scoundrels, as younger folk think they know all about computers which consequently makes them immune to such fraudulent skulduggery. We were grateful for his advice and hints and tips on how to stay safe on-line, or over the phone and also to be aware of door to door callers claiming to possibly be from the police, or a bank, or a charity or other such organisation, the sort of institution anyone would normally hope to trust. Our sincere thanks went to David, who said that if he could save just one person from losing thousands of pounds to these crooks, then all his talks will have been worthwhile.

Inner Wheel Truro  

There were smiles all round when Phoenix Ward's senior physiotherapist Deborah Cock met with members of the Inner Wheel Club of Truro to receive delivery of a band new Hydro Tilt rehabilitation chair. The chair was purchased through funds raised by the Inner Wheel and donated to the friends of RCH. Chairman of The Friends, Beatrice Dyer, described it as, "An all singing dancing piece of equipment that provides support to patients with a variety of ailments."
Seeing the chair for the first time Deborah described it as, "A fabulous piece of kit. The benefits this will bring to our patients will be enormous. Our highest dependency patients on the stroke unit can sit out much earlier in their rehabilitation. This is a tilt-in-space chair and its whole mechanism reclines. Patients feel more supported and it allows greater assistance with sitting and standing. The wheels mean that a patient can go outside for fresh air or for a visit from a family pet." She concluded, "This is a much needed piece of equipment and we are all incredibly grateful to the Inner Wheel of Truro and the Friends of RCH for making it possible. The effect this will have on patients will be tremendous." The photo shows Deborah with members of Inner Wheel.

Inner Wheel of Redruth  

Left - Sandra Rees held a coffee morning on Friday 27th September 2019 for Macmillan with cake sales and bring and buy stall.


Members sent over 2000 bras to Africa !

Inner Wheel of Redruth and Liskeard and Looe    

Tuesday 1st October IW of Redruth meet with Liskeard and Looe at Duchy Nursery, Lostwithiel for lunch and some retail therapy for the garden, we were very fortunate to be driven by a members husband in a mini bus, so lots of room to transport plants home. This is our yearly get together. Great time, lots of noisy conversations, good food. Sandra Rees

Isles of Scilly with Sarah Corbridge, President Helston/Lizard  

September 2019

Sarah Corbridge President of the Inner Wheel Club of Helston/Lizard visited the Inner Wheel of the Isles of Scilly Club and met Penelope, Sabine, and Jane (left to right) with Sarah on the right.

Both Clubs are working towards an exchange in the coming year.

Inner Wheel Club of Tavistock 2019  
Members of the Inner wheel club of Tavistock enjoyed a happy chatty coffee morning at the home of member Barbara Miller on September 11th.
4 founder members of the club were present, and all still taking a very active role in the club's events and we were delighted to be joined by Marion, Andrea and Michelle from the Roborough Club.
Money raised was for president Sue's chosen charity Pete's Dragons

Karen, the owner of the garden with the delicious cake she baked for us
VP Jan with her cornflowers at the stall
Members Members enjoying one of the flower beds
Members enjoying tea admiring the glorious views
8 members of IW Tavistock enjoyed a very special treat in August with a visit to the Dartmoor Flower Shed. Karen grows virtually all her flowers from seeds, a few from corms, and sells them outside her garden gate in Lydford.
We strolled around the garden rooms, which were all full of glorious flowers and busy insects, and are all in awe of this little patch of heaven on the edge of Dartmoor, not least because in the last 3 or 4 weeks it has been visited first by 6 cows and then by a few deer who were not as careful of the garden as they might have been!!!
The garden is not usually open to visitors but we were made most welcome and enjoyed tea and cream cake with pansies in the sunshine to round off the afternoon and all went home with bunches of sweet peas and cornflowers among other flowers, just look how delighted Jan is with her cornflowers!!!
Next event is a stall at the Heritage festival in Tavistock in mid-August, and then off to a farm shop for lunch later in the month,
Inner Wheel Club of Helston / Lizard
Now Inner Wheel is Open to all ladies who feel they would like to join a group - why not give it a go, contact your nearest Club and go along to a meeting.
I was a founder member of the I.W. Helston Lizard which was formed in 1990. I have found so much friendship it has enriched my life. We are not all about fund raising. We have done so much as a group of Ladies, set up a book Club, organized Garden Trips, Ballet outings to Plymouth and London, Spa Days, Walks and luncheons and Quad Biking with the Rotary! In my case I met friends who were interested in cycling and back in the 90's we met every Tuesday morning. We raised over £20,000 for cycling for Lepra in India, had cycling holidays in France and watched Anne swim on Christmas Day for Charity! We often went from Helston to Lands End or the Lizard and back for coffee! We are still cycling but only an hour and back for coffee in the village!
Anne, Jo, Wendy, Angela

A member of Helston-Lizard Inner Wheel has visited and is now supporting ParCo, a community led development organization in Vilankulo, Mozambique.
ParCo are running "The Bonguile Project" to ensure that local children have access to learn-through-play preschools in two neighbourhoods in Vilankulo. The project has been going strong since 2014. Support includes a meal every day, basic overheads, building repair, subsidies for volunteer teachers from the community and professional development.
From three to five years old is a critical time for cognitive, physical and psycho-social development in an individual. The "preschool difference" lasts well into adulthood with better health, income and further education. We are so proud to be able to make the difference for 140 students per year in two schools in Vilankulo.

If you are interested in learning about this project contact Debbie Osborne email debbielaurence@btconnect.com

Update from the Bonguile Project below

Dear Debbie,
Since the arrival of your donation, the Quinto Congresso school (which you visited) had problems with their well. It was pumping out visibly dirty water. We analysed how much it would cost to repair it temporarily or permanently versus how much it would cost to get on the public water line. We decided for the latter. We applied your donation to the following expenses:
Opening a contract with EMA, the water company: 2,500mt/$42 - Tubes and taps to link to the mains: 3,622mt/$60 - Labor to dig the trench: 300/$5 - Total: 6422mt/$107
We also paid Quinto Congresso volunteer teacher subsidies (3000 x 4 = 12,000) and the guard subsidy (3000 x 1= 3000) for the month of June (15,000 or $250).
So we have spent $357 of the $738 and still have a balance of $381. We plan to use it toward repair the playground surface and playground equipment next week while the children are on school holiday.
Thank you again for your support. I promise in the next update I will provide photos of the works.Best Wishes,Juliet


Humming bird

Balisier Flower

Trinidad - Hilary Genes

During my visit to Trinidad, I visited the St Augustine club of Trinidad with whom I have had a long and happy relationship since 2004. The club invited me to their Mothering Sunday Meeting and afternoon tea which was celebrated at a beautiful Mariposa Cafe in the hills of Lopinot. The theme was about Mother. We had arrived a half an hour early for our Tea . The club President decided to start the Meeting in the hired bus in order not to waste time,
This made everyone smile and was typical of the Caribbean, relaxed attitude to life.There were 16 members on the bus, all beautifully dressed and welcoming , dying to know who the stranger was, to some members who had not met me before. Because we were early for the tea, the President decided to hold the meeting there on the bus. A new one for me Meeting on Wheels! The Club President introduced and welcomed me to their meeting with great enthusiasm, and a welcoming smile. I brought Greetings from my club and The Inner Wheel District 129 and was delighted to be their Special guest. My two friends made me most welcome and the President continued with the Business part of the Meeting which was very interesting and included Poems, Raffles and dedications to Mother. I was given a gift for attending and shared in the Raffle prizes. There was much laughter during the meeting , everyone was very relaxed and members shared fond memories and experiences about Mother . I spoke about the importance of a Mother’s role is one of the most meaningful roles. Mothers must exercise shama to understand , help and love the child , ond of caring, kindness. Mother’s teach us to have confidence and belief in ourselves in order for children to be whole, strong, and grow in a healthy estimation of one self. Poems about Mother and jokes which made the atmosphere a happy one. I received a gift as their Special guest and a Raffle followed with everyone getting a prize.
The Tea Room was very authentic with a garden with the natural vegetation (cocoa trees bearing fruit and hummingbirds which is the National Bird). A fascinating Earthenware Oven was still in use among the many rustic treasures. The menu contained many choices of fillings from local produce for sandwiches, cake, fruit drinks and teas which were all very tasty. We mingled and I chatted with members and found that we had shared similar problems with Membership, since the changes in the criteria for becoming an Inner Wheel member in 2012. Many women preferred to join the Rotary clubs with their husbands, instead of Inner Wheel. However, there were many non members who support and attend the Social events. I had a wonderful evening and was pleased to know that after 14 years of Friendship, we were still very close and demonstrated the Third Objective of Inner Wheel. The club members invited me to many more Social events and sent me emails of some of their meetings.
The Inner Wheel Friends whom I originally met in 2004, had become close friends and invited me to many more social events at their homes which enabled me to learn and share in their family lives , tasting the delicious curries and attending the Breakfast clubs, Shopping malls and even a Casino. We had lots of fun and other members joined as many of our outings. They said that they wished. that we had more time to share with me how we do things in my club. They were also interested in twining with my club and attending my Rally next year.!
How wonderful to be interested in how other International clubs function. We have a lot to learn to network and share. The original members of the club had decided to apply for their own Charter and became ‘ The Inner Wheel Club of Trinidad and Tobago’ ‘through application to the International Inner Wheel and have their own Charter. They follow a different Constitution and regularly attend the Inner Wheel Conventions and Conferences of Inner Wheel abroad and developed good friendships abroad. They have given me a letter explaining how they went about forming their club which I will take to my next club meeting. One of the original members Tara Sharma also gave me their own Banner which they designed. I had asked Tara for a letter telling me about the Formation of their club and she brought me the letter and the banner to the Airport to bid me farewell with another friend Katy.
I read the letter which I found to be very interesting and really touched me. In ending her letter , she said ‘‘ In my opinion, it’s the Friendship, Caring and Concern, Togetherness which we share as members, are the true reflection of the Inner Wheel Sisterhood ‘’. What a. wonderful club , fully committed to the true Objectives of Inner Wheel. We do share the same objectives in our clubs, but I was really touched by their demonstration of Love, Friendship , Togetherness, Caring and true concern for others at every occasion of our encounters. I will continue to keep our contact with these wonderful friends. Yours In Inner Wheel Friendship Hilary Genes

Earthenware Oven

.......The happy leader of the Parang Musical Group

Mariposa Cafe with the President and some club members

Inner Wheel Club of Tavistock

30th Birthday celebrations

We enjoyed a lovely celebration lunch at the Two Bridges Hotel near Princetown on Wednesday 26th June to celebrate the 30th anniversary of our Charter. 3 of our founder members who are still very much part of the Club, Denise Bacon, Joan Barron and Ruby Ditcher all took part in the celebrations

We were delighted to be joined by District Chairman Fran and in-coming District Chairman Beryl, as well as ladies from Plymouth, Saltash and Roborough.

The friendship candle was lit by Joan Barron, Ruby Ditcher gave a very amusing & interesting talk on the battle to get Tavistock off the ground, it took several attempts over quite a few years!! Denise then spoke of some of the memories of the last 30 years.

Inner Wheel Club of Helston / Lizard  
At the June meeting of IW Helston/Lizard President Carole Drew handed over the chain of office to Sarah Corbridge the new President for 2019 - 2020

IW Helston/Lizard raised money for the Sea Sanctuary, Penryn and President Carole Drew presented a cheque in June 2019 to the Charity.
Sea Sanctuary is a unique mental health charity and one of the world’s leading exponents of blue health, the concept that ‘blue spaces’, such as the sea, are beneficial for people’s mental and emotional wellbeing.
The Sea Sanctuary team has had years of success combining evidence-based therapies and counselling methods with marine-based activities that give people an invigorating sense of adventure along with the help and support they need to lift their spirits, overcome issues and find their sense of wellbeing.
Sea Sanctuary takes therapy out of the office and onto the water – it’s a recipe that has helped hundreds of people improve their mental and emotional wellbeing since the charity was launched in 2006.
link: www.seasanctuary.org.uk

Some of Helston/Lizard Inner Wheel Members had a day at the Philleigh Way Cookery School, near St Mawes www.philleighway.co.uk learning how to make some Italian dishes. Inner Wheel is not all fundraising, it is about friendship and enjoying the company of other Club members.

Inner Wheel Club of Truro presented a special wheel chair to Truro Hospital for the stroke Unit.


Truro members enjoyed a visit to Trewithen Gardens at Probus.

Beatrice Dyer, president of the Inner wheel Club of Truro planted three peace roses at Victoria Park in the city. Beatrice, pictured with members of the club and head park-keeper Barry Cooper, said, "The rose planting was inspired by the Inner Wheel international theme "Leave a lasting legacy" and signified the Inner Wheel's commitment to world peace. (Left)


At the recent meeting of the Inner Wheel Club of Truro the outgoing president Beatrice Dyer handed the chain of office to our new president Anita Bryce (Anita on the right). Beatrice was warmly thanked for her hard work and highly successful year. Anita and all the club members are looking forward to another year of friendship, fun and helping others in our local community and wider afield. Anita's main main charity for the year will be the Cornwall Refuge Trust. (right)


Truro have given Long Service Awards this year (which was organised by the president Beatrice). They are Margaret Purser, Elizabeth Cliff, Rita Temblett and Barbara Uren.
Also received their Long Service Awards are Jean Battell (left) and Margaret Julian (right).
Congratulations to Beatrice Dyer, who was presented with the Order of Mercy at the Mansion House in London, recognising her voluntary work at the Royal Cornwall Hospital. Beatrice is Chairman of Truro Hospital League of Friends and Past President of The Inner Wheel Club of Truro and involved with the YFC. An inspiration to us all. Congratulations from Members of Inner Wheel. July 2019
Photos of the handover to the New President of the Inner Wheel Club of Trinidad and her Officers for 2019 - 2020 Photos from District Vice Chairman Hilary Genes




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