District 129 covers Plymouth, Roborough, Tavistock all of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

I.W. Club of Bude

President Hilary Rainsley


I have lived in Cornwall for 12 years after relocating from Bedfordshire following retirement from teaching. Friends thought we were mad and would regret our upheaval – how wrong could they be?

From the moment we arrived in Cornwall we knew this was the place that would be our forever home. We initially lived outside Launceston and busied ourselves about getting involved in village life and volunteering for the National Trust and Bodmin Heritage Railway and searching for a permanent home. Alan transferred to Launceston Rotary Club and I was invited to a Launceston Inner Wheel meeting and welcomed warmly, soon becoming a member and then later becoming President.

After finding our new home, I transferred to Bude Inner Wheel and was again welcomed and made to feel part of the team – isn’t Inner Wheel such a marvellous organisation?

I became President of the Bude Club in 2019, little knowing what was going to happen to us all within a few months. All my plans for functions and fund-raising disappeared with the onset of the pandemic to be replaced with the task of keeping club members together, apart!

I am really looking forward to having another chance to be President of the Bude Club this year; time to dust off those old plans
Secretary for the Bude Club - andrea@bizdata.co.uk

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