District 129 covers Plymouth, Roborough, Tavistock all of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

I.W. Club of St Austell
President Val Pascoe

Here I go again as Club President, you never know, I might get it right this time!

I’m looking forward to working with my club serving our community whilst enjoying Inner Wheel fun and friendship.




Damelza's Visit to St Austell

My day started with the District Meeting at the Penventon Hotel, Redruth where I had pride of place on top table with the DEC. Following a delicious lunch (guess who didn’t get any) lots of business was discussed which I found interesting even if I didn’t understand it all. The 63 members present bought raffle tickets for a beautiful quilt, cushion and bag made by Aunty Fran (what a talented lady), the money raised was to help people less fortunate. Then it was back in my box and a ride in Aunty Val’s car to stay with President Pat in St Austell for the start of my next adventure. On the way we stopped at Sainsbury’s to pick up some banana boxes but they didn’t have any bananas in them. (What’s that all about, am a bit confused.com), Apparently, they were for packing lots of items to send to Mission Moldova, again to help people less fortunate After a quick change I was off to line dancing for 2 hrs. The line dancers were lovely and I even joined in with the Tennessee Waltz Surprise which caused much amusement. The surprise is, it’s not a waltz but I found the turns made me feel a bit dizzy so I sat and watched for the rest of the evening. I never knew line dancing could be that energetic. I spent the night on very comfy bed sitting next to a lovely teddy called Henry. I told him not to get any ideas, there was to be no hanky-panky and he was a true gentleman. Next day I went with Aunty Pat and her friend to Lanhydrock House and saw lots of lovely daffodils on the way. We went through a place called Sweetshouse and although I looked very hard, I couldn’t see a house made of sweets or a sweet shop. The lady in reception had heard of Inner Wheel and she said she hoped I enjoyed my visit, wasn’t that nice. We did lots of walking and then finished with a scone and apple juice, yummy.

Today I’ve been for a walk with another of Aunty Pat’s friends and we saw three buses on the way. I waved at the drivers and one of them even waved back. Have been resting tonight as with all that walking my wickle wegs were tired and probably a bit shorter. Unfortunately, I missed the Inner Wheel Day at Truro, a committee meeting, sponsored walk and an Italian evening as Aunty Pat had a bad cold (not Covid) so we stayed in and I helped to do a jigsaw. Once she was feeling better, we went to help at the Memory Café and I’ve been back 2 more times to line dancing so am quite an expert at the Tennessee Waltz Surprise now. I was also allowed to sit on top table at the Inner Wheel meeting at Carlyon Bay Golf Club where Uncle Peter, the manager set a place for me with a knife, fork and napkin but he forgot to bring me any food. One of Aunty Pat’s friends plays the ukulele in a group so we went to watch them playing and then next day we met her again and went for a walk to Charlestown and I had my photo taken on the beach with her dog who also has a Cornish name just like me. He’s called Denzel and is a labradoodle but he was a bit naughty and put his tongue out for the photo. I was going to miss the Easter Egg Tombola at the garden centre so Henry and I decided to get some of the 145 Easter Eggs and have our own midnight feast instead, they looked yummy so please don’t tell anyone will you, I am sure they won’t miss a couple. Saltash: Joint Presidents 2022/23: Linda Oakes
Officers for 2022 - 23

Secretary - Janice Jerome
Treasurer - Pat Pettit
International - Alison White and Rita Vincent
Membership - Ruth Hancock
Correspondent - Janice Jerome

Easter 2023I
was our annual Easter Egg Tombola and it was held over Easter at Par Garden Centre.
It is always a good team event with members manning the stall on a roster basis.
All proceeds will go to President Val's chosen charity and other Inner Wheel Charities.

St Austell club decided to support the St Austell Food Bank during the COVID pandemic as we can't fundraise in the usual way.
The photos above is of Val Pascoe delivering toiletries bought with club funds
and the other is one is of shopping bags filled with food items donated by members.
Summer 2020

Just before Christmas 2019 we ran our annual charity Christmas Tombola at Par garden centre
From left to right Janice Jerome, President Yvette Flux, Jacqueline Norris and Monica Lake.

Report from 2018 - 2019

During the second half of the Inner Wheel year President Faith Geake organised some interesting speakers.
President Faith's chosen charity this year is Cornwall Hospice Care. Our speaker at the February meeting was Oliver Hoare, Head of Fundraising for Cornwall Hospice Care.
During the Illustrated talk given by Oliver we were presented with a few statistics, showing us how the need for funding is so essential. The care provided by the hospices cost 3.85million a year to fund with only 19% of that coming from the N.H.S. The shortfall is made up by fundraising. Funds are raised from the shops, events, lottery, donations and legacies. The fundraising is further supported by 850 volunteers who work mainly in the 30 charity shops throughout the county but some also work in the hospices such as on the front desk.

We were shown how the hospices not only care for terminally ill patients as inpatients but a day clinic is also provided along with domiciliary services, an advice line and bereavement counselling. A short heart-warming film with revelations from a mother and son who gave their own account of the care they received form Cornwall Hospice Care was very poignant and meaningful.

Looking to the future as the 40th year of Hospice Care in Cornwall approaches, there are several changes in the Hospice movement for earlier intervention by using community hubs in various places throughout the county. Plans are also afoot to increase the amount of beds and also to increase the amount of nursing staff to enable services to branch out into the community giving greater patient choice.

After this inspirational talk President Faith gave the vote of thanks.

Our speakers for the March meeting were Rachel Trudgian and Ian Champkins. Rachel is the Select Relationship Manager and Ian a Customer Service Provider from the St Austell Santander Branch.

Rachel and Ian's talk consisted of an example of Santander's Scam Avoidance School, which is designed to help people spot the signs of the most common scams and prevent themselves falling victim to fraud.

During the lively talk we were given examples of scams by email, text and phone. Where scammers often pretend to be your bank, the police, HMRC or a service you use such as BT.

Phishing emails from criminals look very convincing but will contain a few tell-tale signs and members were given the chance to spot the ones who weren't genuine. Such as ones where the senders address didn't match the organisations address, ones that just said "Dear Customer" and weren't addressed personally and ones that contained a website link with a request for personal information.

It was helpful to find out that scammers also use text messaging or "Smishing" to obtain personal information. Here criminals use a tactic called number spoofing where they make it look like the text is from your bank or service. Again we were given examples and asked to pick out the scam texts which also contain several of the components found in the phishing emails.

The talk finished with lots of general advice for us such as beware of cold callers asking for personal or banking details. We were advised to never give out passwords or PINs, never access your banking details through a link in an email or log on to a computer giving a phone scammer remote access and allowing them access to your personal information. Lastly sharing information about scams helps to make everyone aware and helps prevent fraud.

The talk was both useful for our everyday lives and particularly relevant with the general data protection regulations (GDPR) that we need to adhere to as, an increasingly more amount of correspondence is done through email.

Day in Exeter November 2019

Members of the Inner Wheel Club of St Austell and Friends embarked on a shopping trip to Exeter Cathedral and Christmas market on a beautiful sunny day on Monday 18 November 2019.
This being our first outing of the Inner Wheel year, we were in high spirits. There was plenty of chatter and laughter going on during the journey and we arrived at 11 a.m. after which we had free time to enjoy the many shops, market stalls, cathedral, water front, cafes and restaurants.
We arrived home to St Austell at 8 p.m. well pleased with our purchases and our day of friendship and fun.

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