District 129 covers Plymouth, Roborough, Tavistock all of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

I.W. Club of Truro

President Anita Bryce thanks the staff of "White Stuff" Truro

In November the Inner Wheel Club of Truro hosted a Beauty and Fashion evening at Carnon Downs Village Hall. The event proved to be a 'sell out' raising funds for the Cornwall Refuge Trust and other Inner Wheel charities. The audience was treated to a highly amusing and informative hair-dressing display from new Truro salon, 'S-J Hair'. A model's hair was cut into a new style (and it proved to be a transformation!), elements of hair care were explained, myths about the many hair products we all purchase were dispelled, and our questions were answered by the stylist and the colour technician. After refreshments, staff from Truro White Stuff took to the stage and gave a riveting talk about their new autumn collection. The audience came away knowing more about 'dressing to suit your shape', dressing confidently and adding style with stunning accessories. The manager explained how the White Stuff company is run on highly ethical lines such as providing education for the children of parents who work in the factories in India, fair trade wages are paid and working conditions are monitored closely, Furthermore, much of the cotton used for their garments is grown and produced organically using less water and chemicals. Everyone was impressed to hear that this high street store is bringing fashion to our city centre of Truro whilst furthering the ethics of fair trade in their factories abroad.


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