District 129 covers Plymouth, Roborough, Tavistock all of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

I.W. Helston/Lizard    
Members helped the Rotarians entertain the OAP in the local area by providing the refreshments
At our Christmas meeting one of our members Lyn Stevens shows us how to do a table arrangement
I.W. Bude    
Thought you might like to see these pics of our Christmas lunch earlier today.
We enjoyed a lovely meal at The Brendon Arms, Bude.
Our members brought lots of bags full of Christmas goodies for the local food bank.
Also, we were treated to a visit from 10 week old Noah and Archie who are the twin grandsons of our treasurer Julie.

St Austell I.W.    
I.W. Roborough    


I.W. Perranzabuloe    
Perranzabuloe IW.Ladies met at Linda Rainsforth house to support her with donations for 'Book Bus'
I.W. Roborough    
I.W. Truro    
At our club meeting on Wednesday 24th May 2023, our guest speaker was Maddy Knowles who came to give us a presentation about her trip to Peru in August 2022. She went with a group of young people all of whom were members of the National Federation of Young Farmers Club. She was the only representative from Cornwall. The trip was arranged through a company called Projects Abroad. Her exciting experience was divided into two. Firstly, a period of volunteering and secondly a period of sightseeing all over the course of two weeks.Maddy described her whole experience with great enthusiasm.
She initially stayed with a host family in Cusco, a village high up in the mountains. The family were kind and friendly. She attended three venues where she worked voluntarily. She shared photos of herself and others during her presentation which showed her fully involved.The first venue was helping at a kindergarten situated in a poor, deprived village. One of the activities involved guiding the children through a practice run in the event of an earthquake alarm being activated which made a big impression on her.
Her second destination was at an elderly people's home where they had a large shed in which to grow strawberries presumably to sell in order to raise funds. Maddy described the hot conditions where they worked punching holes through polythene sheets in which they planted many rows of strawberry plants.
The final voluntary placement took place at an animal sanctuary. She showed us photos of Peruvian bears that had been rescued and being cared for before being released back into the wild.
Following the voluntary work, Maddy embraced the tourism trail selected which included a trip to Mach Picchu. The historical site clearly made a huge impression on her and being justly described as one of the great wonders of the world. She visited Pisac, a typical Peruvian village where she learned about cultural aspects of life including seeing their traditional clothing, dancing and seeing the variety of souvenirs the villagers made to sell. In addition, she had hands on experience about how to make mud bricks which are used to build homes in the village.
Her final tourism trip was to Rainbow Mountain which was a remarkable geographical site. It was so named 10 years ago when it was first discovered. Due to climate change the snow covering the mountain had melted revealing the extraordinary sight of horizontal coloured tripes in various shades of brown, green and yellow. She rode a pony to the summit from where she had a magnificent view.
Maddy gave us a fascinating insight into her adventure in Peru. Our club member Beatrice Dyer, a family friend of Maddy and who had invited her to come to our meeting, gave a vote of thanks.
The response from club members present showed that Maddy's presentation had been very well received.

I.W. Roborough    
I.W. Helston/Lizard    
The members had a wonderful conducted tour of the gardens at Bonython, Cury today. Well worth a visit to this unique and quiet garden. https://www.bonythonmanor.co.uk/    
I.W. Tavistock    
An Italian cookery afternoon

On Wednesday 26th April members of Tavistock IW and friends enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of Italian home cooking by Giovanni and Christine Sponzielli, showcasing some of Giovanni's best loved dishes from his home in Puglia, just like his mamma used to make!
We were all given a printout of the recipes he was using which came from his own cookery book of recipes he has collected from family and friends over the years. In true TV cookery style, he brought out first the dough for the almond biscuits and a little later the Foccacia dough, that he had made earlier, and were then shown how to shape the little biscuits and top with a coffee bean. We were also then introduced to the correct way to spread the focaccia dough in the tin to get the dimples before topping it with all sorts of Mediterranean delights
Christine then made lovely rice balls from risotto rice they had cooked earlier, and then fried aubergine slices dipped in breadcrumbs before moving on to the lemon chicken.
Timing was perfect as by the time all the anti pasti had been cooked, the cookies and bread were out of the oven, and shortly after that all that could be heard were 'mmm' and 'have you tried this' and 'oh, that's good'.
We all left with our taste buds dancing and ready to cook up an Italian feast over the next few weeks, all that and monies raised for local charities too.

Jan Welcoming Giovanni and Christine Sponzielli

I.W. of Truro    
Truro Club had an interest talk from Clare Greenwood on colours    
I.W. St Austell    
It was our annual Easter Egg Tombola and it was held over Easter at Par Garden Centre.
It is always a good team event with members manning the stall on a roster basis.
All proceeds will go to President Val's chosen charity and other Inner Wheel Charities
News from District 129    
I.W. Helston/Lizard    
At our meeting this month we collected for the Charity "PANTS". Pants is a charity based in Penryn who help people with anything in the "Pants" area. They are sending a large shipment out to Syria to help with the disaster and we collected a large amount of supplies for them. We also brought donations for the Food Bank as usual. A busy month!
One of our members has moved away, Barbara Crabb, and we took a Club photo to send to her and to with her well.

We held a Coffee and Cake morning in St Michael’s Church Hall in Perranporth in March. The event was in aid of the Community Larder, which provides food for less-well-off people of the district. Members made a great number of delicious cakes, and there was a scarf rack with many colourful scarves donated by Club members and others. Everything was free, except the raffle, but people were asked to make donations. Two large bowls for donations were placed by the door, and as a result we made £601.08 for the Larder.


District 129    

Inner Wheel Members from District 129 at Conference in Blackpool March 2023
I.W. Roborough    
I.W. Tavistock    

Cabi Fashion Show, Thursday 16th March

On a very wet Thursday afternoon in Tavistock, President Jan and members of the club were delighted to welcome Penny who had come down from Bristol to show off the Spring collection of Cabi clothing, members of Roborough, Bodmin & Helston Inner Wheel clubs and representatives of the Mary Budding Trust along with a bevy of local ladies

The 5 models (!!), 3 members and 2 friends, had all been up to President Jan's on Monday and had a lot of fun trying on an assortment of items, all of which Penny then photographed to whittle down what we would wear for the show, which meant that we all wore 4 or 5 different outfits.
There was lots of laughter, lots of 'zhuzzing' both by Penny and the audience, a technical term for pushing up, tucking in, folding back and pulling down, all washed down with tea, coffee and cake.

£250 was raised on the afternoon with more to come from commissions from Penny, the Chairman of the Mary Budding Trust was very grateful for all the support, and promptly booked an event for her team.

We would like to thank all those who attended, with a special mention to Wendy who called in on her way from Exeter to home, and to Hilary and Graham for coming up from Bodmin, and also to Robert, Simon & David who helped shifting tables and chairs, serving refreshments, doing the washing up and generally making life a lot easier for us all.

I.W. Roborough    
I.W. Truro    
President Yvonne with a representative from the NSPCC, who talked about their work, and the NSPCC mascots, a Pantosaurus and “Buddy “. The NSPCC is President Yvonne’s chosen charity this year. This took place at our monthly meeting last Tuesday.
I.W. Roborough    
Roborough January 2023 Newsletterewsletter    
I.W. Helston/Lizard    
Members of the Helston/Lizard club enjoyed a luncheon together at Alverton Manor Hotel, Truro to celebrate Inner Wheel Day.    
Truro Inner Wheel celebrate Inner Wheel Day    

Members of Truro Inner Wheel Club and their guests gathered at Ruan Lanihorne Reading Room for a coffee morning on Tuesday January 10th to mark Inner Wheel Day. Coffee and homemade cakes were served and there was a book stall and jewellry stall. A rolling series of photographs from previous Inner Wheel events were displayed on a screen. As well as enjoying friendship on a social occasion the aim of the event was to raise money for the NSPCC. The Club also supports the Cornwall Refuge Trust and goods were collected to donate to them. Over twenty people attended this enjoyable and successful event.



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