District 129 covers Plymouth, Roborough, Tavistock all of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

I.W. Club of Tavistock

President Jan Beveridge


I grew up in East Africa, came back to Britain and went to school in North Devon then straight to London to work My mother Dorothy Adams was one of the founder members and second President of Inner Wheel Tavistock and my father Richard was a member of Rotary in Tavistock. This is my second term as President, the first being held almost entirely on Zoom. I moved to Tavistock about 20 years ago and was invited to join the IW club not long after coming here, became Treasurer for one year and came to District meetings with everything still so new. My husband Robert is recently retired and loves walking our dog Toffee who is 1/2 Boxer/1/2 Collie but looks and behaves like a Boxer! The Tavistock IW Club has brought me in touch with a lovely local community which is very supportive of each other and provides friendship

Officers 2022 / 2023

Club Secretary Mrs Liz Williams
Club Treasurer Mrs Hilary Gallagher
Club Correspondent Mrs Cathy Sherlock

December 2020

Member Chris Tout has been responsible for several years for sending get well messages to members of our club when appropriate, and generally looking after the wellbeing of members. Even before the pandemic struck, she visited members, did their shopping and organised shopping expeditions on the local Country Bus. Chris has been delivering a home cooked evening meal every day for over a year to one member of our club who can no longer manage to cook herself. Tavistock club also ring each member to have a chat every couple of weeks to ensure the spirit of friendship is kept alive as not everyone can join our zoom meetings.


Wednesday 28 November 2019

12 members of Tavistock Inner Wheel, accompanied by 7 husbands, enjoyed a fascinating visit to BBC Plymouth studios. We were welcomed by James Watts who was our host and guide for the tour.
After a brief introduction we started our visit with Matt Woodley in the Radio Devon control room, before moving on to watch the lunchtime Spotlight news with the control room sound effects coming through just as they were to Justin and then weather reporter Dan, with all the timing complexities.
We then went in to the Spotlight studio where we were made very welcome by Julie who is in charge of getting the programme on air, Justin and Dan, who was very perky at the end of his shift which had started at 4.30 am, having done far more weather bulletins than we could have imagined, some live and some recorded for several radio and TV stations throughout the country, none of which are scripted, while also creating weather maps and editing the photos sent in by the public.
Julie then took us in to the gallery, or control room, where she and Simon, the director, gave us more insight into the creation of the programmes and the seamless way that they can transfer from London to the regions.
We would thoroughly recommend this visit to any clubs, but it did take 15 months to come together

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