District 129 covers Plymouth, Roborough, Tavistock all of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

I.W. Club of Tavistock

President Sue Lake


Born and brought up in Wales, I moved to Somerset and attended Bishop Fox's Girls' Grammar School. From there I went to Brighton to study pharmacy, and met my husband, Wally. Brighton in the 70's was an amazing place to be, and very different from the small, rural market town I had lived in. After getting married, we moved to Tavistock where I worked as the pharmacist manager for Boots in direct opposition to Wally who ran his own pharmacy. Following the birth of our daughters, I left Boots and we worked together in a very busy community pharmacy, which we sold a few years ago to 'retire'. Never been busier!
We both volunteer for various charities, and spend a lot of time on the M5 travelling to our daughters' homes to undertake building and gardening projects. We're cheap, reliable and efficient, but are still waiting for a review on Trusty Traders.
I have the privilege of being the President of Tavistock Inner Wheel for the fourth time, after what has been a difficult year for many people. Members have tried to support each other with phone calls and zoom meetings. This coming year, I would like us to appreciate our friendship and fellowship and enjoy life.

December 2020

Member Chris Tout has been responsible for several years for sending get well messages to members of our club when appropriate, and generally looking after the wellbeing of members. Even before the pandemic struck, she visited members, did their shopping and organised shopping expeditions on the local Country Bus. Chris has been delivering a home cooked evening meal every day for over a year to one member of our club who can no longer manage to cook herself. Tavistock club also ring each member to have a chat every couple of weeks to ensure the spirit of friendship is kept alive as not everyone can join our zoom meetings.


Wednesday 28 November 2019

12 members of Tavistock Inner Wheel, accompanied by 7 husbands, enjoyed a fascinating visit to BBC Plymouth studios. We were welcomed by James Watts who was our host and guide for the tour.
After a brief introduction we started our visit with Matt Woodley in the Radio Devon control room, before moving on to watch the lunchtime Spotlight news with the control room sound effects coming through just as they were to Justin and then weather reporter Dan, with all the timing complexities.
We then went in to the Spotlight studio where we were made very welcome by Julie who is in charge of getting the programme on air, Justin and Dan, who was very perky at the end of his shift which had started at 4.30 am, having done far more weather bulletins than we could have imagined, some live and some recorded for several radio and TV stations throughout the country, none of which are scripted, while also creating weather maps and editing the photos sent in by the public.
Julie then took us in to the gallery, or control room, where she and Simon, the director, gave us more insight into the creation of the programmes and the seamless way that they can transfer from London to the regions.
We would thoroughly recommend this visit to any clubs, but it did take 15 months to come together

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